MBX Custom Springs for MBX Glock Extensions

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Custom wound Wolff premium spring for glock style follower and MBX follower. Produces maximum realiablity and feeding when used in conjunction with MBX extensions.

MBX 20% extra power Glock style spring for factory follower for based extension 5-6rds the ultimate upgrade for 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45ACP
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Review by Ed on 9/29/2020

function exactly as advertised

MBX springs in Taylor Freelance Goliath extension

Review by Gooch on 7/14/2020

The MBX 28 coil springs will work in the Taylor Freelance Goliath Glock extensions. The stock Taylor Freelance spring seemed a bit week when new and wore out after about 100 cycles of loading and unloading the magazine during competition and practice. The MBX spring felt much stiffer than the stock spring when new. When comparing the difference in overall length of the worn out Taylor spring to the new MBX, there was a difference of about 2.5”s. After one practice session and one club match, the new MBX spring is working properly. I hope these springs last a lot longer than the Taylor Freelance springs.

MBX Mag Spring Maintenance

Review by Alan J on 11/5/2019

This is the second replacement spring I've had to purchase for my mega glock mag extension. Not that its a bad product, its just the long length of the spring that limits its life expectancy. Kind of like knowing some creepy Dirt on the Clinton family. Just look at what happen to Jeffrey Epstein. Oh sorry getting off subject. With normal weekly use, I was getting about 8 months of service before the spring would lose it tension and my PCC would start jamming up. Great product and service from SC

Just the fix I needed

Review by Sierrahotel83 on 11/28/2018

I had a TTI mag extension that I didn’t have a proper spring for, this cured the issues and made it reliable


Review by Allan on 3/13/2018

Shooters Connection had been amazing with the customer service.

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