Arredondo + 5 (9mm) Extended Base for P-17 Glock Magazine (by MagPul)

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  • Item #:  A-P17-EXT
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  • + 5 (9mm) Extended Base for P-17 and P-15 Glock Magazines  (by MagPul)
  • Includes: Extended Base, locking Spring Plate and +10% spring
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Not so great

Review by SMAC on 5/28/2018

I ordered the +5 mag extension for the glock mags. 2 of the 3 have popped off the glock mags and do not want to stay on when the mag is loaded. I put 1 on a mag pul mag, being they are made by mag pul. So far, that seems to work great. I’ll now have to purchase 2 more mag pul mags to put the other 2 extension on. I think they will work fine on the mag pul mags. RE: These are specifically for the Magpul mags. We offer the basepad and spring for the glock mags also, part number GLK-S-17

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