Go Fast Don't Suck USPSA Mega Pack

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Dark Lines

More targets for the USPSA shooters ready to take their practice sessions to a new level.

The Go Fast Don't Suck Dry Fire Decals are newly designed to give you more options and better value for your money. These targets are reusable and don't require you to put holes in your wall to hang them. They are made from a coated fabric with a pressure sensitive adhesive that allow you to peel and rearrange your target presentations every time you go to practice. Never practice the same array twice and improve your scores while keeping dry fire interesting enough to motivate yourself to do it.

This Pack includes:

  1. 1/3 scale
    1. 4 open shoot targets
    2. 1 clipped no-shoot
  2. 1/4 scale
    1. 3 open shoot targets
    2. 1 clipped no-shoot
    3. 1 upper zones only
  3. 1/6 scale
    1. 4 open shoot targets
    2. 4 upper zones only
    3. 2 diagonal hard cover targets (one left, one right)
    4. 1 tuxedo hard cover target
    5. 2 full no-shoots
    6. 3 poppers
    7. 3 mini-poppers
  4. Additional Steel
    1. 6 circles 2 inch
    2. 8 circles 1 inch
  5. GFDS Decal
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Review by John on 9/28/2022

If you are like me, you might think these look overpriced. You would be wrong. These are much better than the cardboard ones that fall over and have to be taped to the wall or whatever. VERY well conceived and executed. These were obviously designed by someone who does a lot of dryfire practice, because the sizing is correct, with enough small targets for those of us who don't live in palaces. They stick on kitchen cabinets, walls, kitchen appliances, etc., and have solved many of my dry-fire session set-up problems. They stick on walls without staining or pulling off paint, and I've used many of them probably 50 or 60 times now. Best money I have ever spent on USPSA practice stuff.

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