Go Fast Don't Suck Steel Challenge Dry Fire 8 Stage Kit

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Just add wall!

SCSA 8 Stage Kit.

The 8 stage kit includes all of the targets you need to set up the 8 stages one at a time. Simply rearrange the targets by the included instructions and you are off to work transitions till you make that new class you are striving for. If you want to get serious about it, you can add the expansion pack so you don't have to rearrange them. Just set it and forget it.*

*JOHN would like for me to point out that SHOWDOWN is only one side, even with the expansion pack. If you would like to set up both sides of showdown WITH all 8 stages you will need the additional Showdown Kit.

The Steel Challenge kits are designed to give you an exact perspective of shooting the stage on the range. The scaled targets and provided measurements give to the same view across your sights you would see shooting the live stage. Practice the exact transitions at home and improve your strings the next time you hit the range.

The Go Fast Don't Suck Dry Fire Decals are newly designed to give you more options and better value for your money. These targets are reusable and don't require you to put holes in your wall to hang them. They are made from a coated fabric with a pressure sensitive adhesive that allow you to peel and rearrange your target presentations every time you go to practice. Never practice the same array twice and improve your scores while keeping dry fire interesting enough to motivate yourself to do it.

This Pack includes:

  1. 8 stages worth of targets with some shared
  2. stop plate markers
  3. setup cards
  4. GFDS Decal
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