• Taylor Freelance Canik Backstrap Grip Panel- Brass

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Taylor Freelance Canik Backstrap Grip Panel- Brass

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Item #: 61739578
Reg. Price: $52.50
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Solid brass "backstrap" grip panel for the Canik TP9SF/SFX/One (full-size)


- absorbs recoil
- lowers the center of gravity (less top-heavy)
- High-traction checkered surface (better control)
- built-in mount for TF Magwell
- increased "weak hand" reliability
- brilliant brass color!

Weight and felt recoil are directly related, so by adding weight, our brass backstrap calms the gun down, creating a smoother-shooting, softer-kicking, more-neutrally-balanced handgun. Adding weight to the frame also reduces the tendency toward "weak wrist" malfunctions common to all polymer frame handguns. This manifests itself most often when shooting weak-hand-only. The extra mass gives the frame a greater resistance to being pushed rearward in recoil -- helping ensure reliable cycling when the shooter can't supply full resistance due to weakness, poor form, or a too-low grip.

The brass backstrap concept descends directly from our famous "Seattle Slug" magazine guide, which adds 3.5 ounces of weight to the Gen. 2/3 Glock 17. That concept worked so well, it was eventually banned BY NAME in both USPSA and IDPA. Product is made of brass, then Cerakoted in the "Tungsten" color to match the Canik color scheme.

CAUTION: Product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm.


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