Taylor Freelance Canik Mete/Rival/TTI Death Grip Backstrap - Brass

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Get a "Death Grip" on that gun!
Nils Jonasson (pro shooter for Canik) asked us to increase the amount of checkering on his TF backstrap. He likes to maintain a "death grip" on his pistol, and checkering helps lock the gun in his hand. 
TF's "Death Grip" has checkering spanning the entire gripping surface. Once we'd covered everything with checkering, we backed up, removed the factory-pattern "scallops" on the sides and extended the available gripping surface even more!
Compared to any competing model with scalloped sides, the Death Grip has more checkering in contact with your hand, more total weight, and thus more of the control-enhancing features you want!
Weight and felt recoil are directly related. By adding weight the gun calms down, creating a smoother-shooting, slower-kicking, more-neutrally-balanced handgun. Brass is best in most situations, but if you're carrying the gun around all day, you might want aluminum instead.
  • Machined from bar stock H02 Brass
  • Ridiculous volumes of high-traction checkering CUT into each piece (not cast) for maximum "grip" and control
  • Built-in mount points for factory, TF magwells
  • Lowers the center of gravity (better balance, calmer handling, less top-heavy)

PLEASE WATCH THIS ASSEMBLY VIDEO -- bad things can happen if you do it wrong:  https://youtu.be/Sx3u4qq0ueY

Weight: 4.05 Ounces
Material: Brass
Grip Size: Small/Medium
Color: Shiny Brass

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