Arredondo M&P Base Pad & Spring

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Base pad for the MP pistol. 9mm and 40 cal. Increases capacity, makes factory mag 140mm. Includes Spring

Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Fits perfectly!!

Review by FOREVER_M&P on 4/26/2021

Fits perfectly on my mags!!

Arredondo M&P Base Plate

Review by MHC on 9/29/2020

Quality is OK for a plastic type material, a little difficult to assemble/dissemble. I replaced mine with the TF Brass Mag Extension - more expensive, but MUCH better quality.

Excellent pre-sales support, super fast delivery

Review by SP on 10/11/2019

Excellent fit and function

+4 on an .40S&W

Review by Mike on 8/6/2019

Fits ok, does what itms supposed todo. Will but somemore

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