CODA Fury Titanium Compensator for AR-15 - 9MM - Hybrid Finish

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We decided a long time ago that average results are for average men and CODA does NOT DO AVERAGE! That's why we set to work, putting blood sweat and tears into this design.

  • 37 designs,
  • 6 months of trial and error,
  • 100's of hours in the range.

We didn't do this with computer simulations and gimmicks, might as well be spitting in the rain. No, we tested in real world situations with real weapons and real shooters until we had the flattest comp ever designed. That's the CODA way.

Ti Grade 5 6Al-4V

High-Grade Titanium has some pretty serious advantages over traditional steel.

  • 45% lighter than steel
  • Withstands much more heat than steel (3300°F for Ti vs. 2,700°F for steel)
  • Anti Corrosive
  • Non Magnetic


Don't be at the mercy of your gunsmith any longer. CODA products are carefully designed with the end user in mind and the FURY can be installed with the tools you have at home. Simply use an adjustable wrench or a mil spec 0.75" A2 flash hider takedown tool.


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CODA Fury Titanium Compensator for AR-15 - 9MM - Hybrid Finish

Review by Gil on 4/21/2021

Very good product

Coda comp Ti Fury

Review by craig c on 5/27/2020

This comp works as good as any. It's light and tough. This one is on my wifes gun while I have an MBX on mine. I cant really tell a differance. There is not alot of gas left to make a 9mm comp work so I'd say get the one you like the looks of the most. They do help a little.


Review by Carlos on 3/15/2018

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