Grams Spring/Follower Kit EAA / Tanfoglio

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Follower Kit - for EAA/Tanfoglio 9x19 mag, manufactured by Mec-Gar (tube marked K9 or 9-LF, spacer plate installed). Designed for mag OAL that measure
11 coil - 145mm long
13 coil - 146mm - 171mmImportant Info- Grams followers are designed to allow you to tune the follower to your gun and mags for slide lock. If you do not want to tune your follower and want slide lock back do not buy these followers. Without tuning they may lock back with 1 round in the mag. This gives you plenty of room for adjustment to fit your particular equipment. If you do not want slide lock back just trim slide stop tab or Follower shelf to bypass Slide stop tab.
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Review by OM on 1/19/2021

One of the best combo

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