Grams Spring/Follower Kit V2 11 Coil STI/SV

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The same follower works in both STI and SV mags. These new kits use a unique locking system to keep the follower from coming off the spring. The follower and the spring have been completely redesigned for better reliability and longer life. These are a must have for any serious shooter. The follower is the same for all calibers(except 9mm with Spacer). Only difference is the length of spring. Use the 11 coil for 140mm or less mags with flat base pads in both 38 and 40. Use the 13 coil for 140mm mags with extended base pads(7, 8, or 11mm) or 170mm mags.



Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 36 reviews )


Review by Jerry Greg on 6/5/2021

Had feed problems with my new MBX mags, switched to Grams springs and the problem is gone.

Grams Spring/Follower Kit 11 Coil STI/SV

Review by Chris T - Cedar Rapids on 5/7/2021

Typical of Grams, a very consistent and reliable product.

End user

Review by G on 4/14/2021

Awesome kit


Review by DC on 1/7/2021

First time using the Grams kit. So far I'm very pleased. Will be using them in my regular rotation.

Perfect springs

Review by Laurent P on 12/7/2020

Perfect fitting in my original STI 2011 magazines 126mm . One extra round bonus as expected

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