Grams Spring 11 Coil Single

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This package contains (1) mag spring, 11 coils long, designed to fit a ''Grams Format'' follower. It is a replacement spring for any of the Grams ''Follower Kits''.

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Review by Tod on 8/24/2021

Replaced Grams springs with Grams springs.


Review by Brenda Britt on 12/16/2019

My package was exactly what I ordered, and was at my door in only a matter of days! Thank you so much

Tune Up foe Para Ord Double Stack 9mm & 40s&w

Review by Para Ordnance Addict on 11/20/2019

Para has had a variety of follower styles and it can be difficult to find "matching" springs. By bending tighter radius on the end that goes into the hole in the newest design followers you have a "better than factory" setup. 11 coil for standard capacity and 13 coil for +3 mags.

Grams Replacement Springs

Review by JB on 2/25/2019

Replaced my factory spring and follower with Grams, along with magazine extension, allows me to load 23 rounds in a 15 round magazine. Ordered replacement springs to have on hand. I don't think I'll need them anytime soon.

Mag springs

Review by JayDogg on 8/21/2018

Great product and a fair price.

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