CARVER M&P 3 Port Comp (9MM)

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CARVER Custom 9MM 3 port compensator for your M&P. These comps were designed to fit the countour of the slide and to appear as an extension of the slide. The compensators are made out of tough 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum and have Type 2 anodizing in two colors: Black and Silver.

Benefits of this compensator include:Large expansion chamber leading into 2 retaining ports

  • Porting on the sides, allows more air to rush into the compensator, pushing more exhaust up, allowing more control of the muzzle
  • Comp weight 1.3 oz
  • Guiderod channel under compensator
  • Controls muzzle flip and recoil up to 45% dependent upon type of ammunition used. The higher power factors will deliver more efficiency.
  • Stylish and effective!!
  • Excellent for IPSC Major or minor loads

    The comps are threaded for 1/2 x 28 tpi barrels. Though they will fit an M&P threaded barrel that's intended for a suppressor, we recommend the use of a shorter barrel that will allow the compensator to snug up to the end of the slide. Recommended length for Full Size M&P threaded barrels is 4.655" and for Pro M&P threaded barrels 5.45". We stock custom barrels for the M&P that will fit with the compensator. We stock custom barrels for the M&P that will fit with the compensator. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email.

    Compensators will fit the following 9MM Smith & Wesson models:
  • M&P Full Size
  • M&P L Size
  • M&P Midsize
  • M&P Pro

    When using the CARVER Custom compensator system, you will need to use a lighter recoil spring to compromise the slide speed since the compensators are so efficient they are reducing the amount of energy normally utilized by the slide to recycle.
    Recoil springs recommended if using factory ammunition or equiavalent. Major loads will require heavier springs such as a 14-16lb.  +P loads from 130 PF to 150 PF should be used with a recoil spring from 12 lb to 14 lb.  It’s important to properly lube the slide when using any compensator.

  • NOTICE: 115 Grain Factory ammunition will not function the slide properly when using our 3 Port Comp with a 5" Pro model. The longer slide requires more energy to function the slide. The compensator is so efficient that even the use of an 11 lb spring could cause slide speed to be too slow. 
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