Cajun Gun Works Reduced Power Trigger Return Spring

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Reduced power trigger return spring.  Reduces the DA an amazing 1/2 pound, yet still delivers a quick, positive reset. 100% Made in the USA from premium quality music wire.  A must for self defense and competition.
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Trigger Spring

Review by eagle32 on 9/7/2021

Makes a big difference.

Helped smooth the trigger pull a little

Review by Drew on 10/29/2019

This helped with smoothing out the trigger pull some. Combined with the floating trigger pin, installation was kind of tricky, so be patient.


Review by C. Young on 10/14/2019

I had to have this TRS for my Shadow 2 which I converted to SAO. The trigger was already great out of the box, but now it’s even better! Installation was a bit easier than the original spring which gave me a headache. I coupled this with CGWs floating trigger pin as well which helped! SC is my go to for all things gun-related!

Trigger Spring

Review by DK on 9/11/2019

Perfect fit, good feel

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