Cajun Gun Works Reduced Power Trigger Return Spring

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CGW’s reduced power trigger return spring reduces the DA an amazing 1/2 pound, yet still delivers a quick, positive reset.  CGW was the first company to offer an improved trigger return spring and our spring has been proven in years of use.

This CGW Made in the USA spring dramatically improves durability and reliability.  The known weak link in the trigger system is the factory trigger return spring that can ‘snap’ off the long leg of the spring = dead trigger.  Better quality music wire and a slight reduction in wire size equates to a much longer, if not indefinite life for the CGW spring.

A virtual must have for all CZ’s that use this style trigger return spring.  Fits all CZ’s that use this style spring.
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Trigger Spring

Review by eagle32 on 9/7/2021

Makes a big difference.

Helped smooth the trigger pull a little

Review by Drew on 10/29/2019

This helped with smoothing out the trigger pull some. Combined with the floating trigger pin, installation was kind of tricky, so be patient.


Review by C. Young on 10/14/2019

I had to have this TRS for my Shadow 2 which I converted to SAO. The trigger was already great out of the box, but now it’s even better! Installation was a bit easier than the original spring which gave me a headache. I coupled this with CGWs floating trigger pin as well which helped! SC is my go to for all things gun-related!

Trigger Spring

Review by DK on 9/11/2019

Perfect fit, good feel

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