Cajun Gun Works Reduced Power Firing Pin Spring

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CGW’s music wire reduced power firing pin spring.  Must be used with CGW reduced power hammer springs HS-15, HS-13, HS-12000, & HS-8500.  For use in the Shadow series and 85  metal framed series only ( Shadow and 85c ONLY)

TECH TIP:  Reduced power firing pin spring designed for use with CGW reduced power hammer springs, HS-15, HS-13, HS-12000, and HS-8500.  NOTE:  Do not use this spring with the stock 20# hammer spring.  The CGW firing pin spring is designed to be twisted onto the firing pin shoulder.  This ensures the firing pin spring will always come out of the slide with the firing pin.
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Review by Facundo on 5/21/2021

perfecto spring

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