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Replacement Buckle w/Red Webbing Strap

Based on customer feedback, we are pleased to now offer as an accessory, the Adjustable strap supplied with the RangePack Pro. This strap, which attaches to the front D-rings on the bag, is designed to hang your shooting Rig onto the outside of your bag, for easy transport. A second strap is handy to prevent the rig from swinging from side to side. One Rig strap is included with your RangePack Pro. The item offered here is an additional strap only.

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Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 6 reviews )

CED Rig strap

Review by George Begonia on 5/5/2021

Works great!

Rig Strap

Review by 3nathumb3gun on 1/1/2021

Great strap to allow the ability to anchor your belt to a bag. I have the CED bag which comes with one, but wanted a second one to allow the belt to be anchored on a second clasp to prevent it from swinging as much. Honestly, the bag should have come with two to begin with, as I can't see this being a concern that I only had


Review by Gunnerxshooting on 2/19/2019

One of the little purchases that goes a long way


Review by Jeff Caswell on 1/29/2019

Just like the picture, perfect for attaching that often unwieldy rig to your range bag.

Super handy

Review by ChristoStad on 3/14/2018

Really handy to have a couple of these. Also work well for a number of other uses.

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