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Custom designed CED Ammo Trays hold 100 rounds of 9mm or .38 Super ammunition in a unique configuration of 6 bullets per row, rather than the traditional 10x10 square configuration. Our layout makes it easy to slide the lid partially open, exposing only a few rows and tipping rounds into your hand for faster magazine loading. Way faster and easier than picking them out one by one from a larger 10x10 matrix box.

Each tray comes with a sliding cover perfectly designed to allow the user to retrieve only the ammo needed fast and easily.  The sliding lid locks securely in place by means of a plastic latch.

Made of durable PP Polypropylene polymer plastic, and designed to be stackable, these trays are durable and extremely functional in use.

4 of these Ammo Trays will fit the CED Waterproof Ammo Case!

Available in four colors:  Black, Red, Blue, and Yellow.

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Ced ammo boxes

Review by Redryder on 9/3/2019

Poor design. The lid comes off too easy

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