Arredondo AR-15 Mag Well

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THE ARREDONDO AR MAGWELL Change mags without taking your eyes off the target? Well now you can. With the Arredondo AR magwell you can reload in seconds, all by feel!
Average rating 7 out of 10 ( based on 3 reviews )


Review by Charles on 2/26/2018

Makes finding the mag opening easy. Works with 30 round, probably not so well with shorter mags and Doesn't work with pmag40 without modification; won't drop free. It's been sitting in my parts box after I bought it a year ago. It seems a bit longer than needed, so I will remove some material at the bottom edge below the assembly fasteners. Cant return it so I'll experiment.


Review by Richard on 7/29/2017

Does not work with my pmag gen3

Response from Chuck- I just checked one of these on my rifle with a new gen 3 magazine and it worked fine. We try hard to be very open and accurate in our descriptions so when this review came through I went right at checking it out. Chuck


Review by Justin H on 6/22/2017

Great quality.

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