Arredondo AR-15 Magwell Safety Plug

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Spring loaded auto eject, simply press mag release. Bolt carrier must be in the open position to insert. Dust cover can be closed with plug in place.

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Nice AR Safety Flag

Review by Rick from Colorado on 8/6/2020

This is a must have for every AR shooter. My range allows rifles to be left on the bench (no racks at range) during a cease fire (target change). The first shooter on the range is the Range Officer until he leaves and then someone else takes over. Up until now the only requirement was having the action open. Now a new requirement has to be some sort of safety flag and any magazine removed. There are numerous choices for bolt action rifles but not much for AR in the terms of high visibility. This AR safety flag meets all those requirements. It plugs the magwell and shows a bright yellow flag in the open action. I personally prefer the bright yellow over the orange color used for most safety flags. It’s built like a rock and should last a lifetime. I have a Smith & Wesson MP Sport II. It fit the magwell a little tight. It would not drop freely with the magazine release. A few minutes of light sanding with wet/dry 1000 grit Emery paper with water took care of the issue and it doesn’t even look sanded. This should be no deterrent in purchasing this product. It might fit your lower without a glitch. This was my first purchase at Shooters Connection. The order was marked shipped the next day and I had it in 3 days. Impressive during COVID. Thanks Shooters Connection for a great product and excellent service. I’ll be back.

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