• Nickel Boron Coating
  • Pivoting Extractor
  • Works with ramped and standard non ramped barrels.
  • Low drag, low weight key
  • 14.4oz
  • Works with both Glock and Colt magazines

The TACCOM extreme 9mm bolt is THE 9mm bolt taken to the next level!!

First, we use a standard mil spec proven 5.56 pivoting extractor for long service use.

Next, we did away with that heavy gas key and replaced it with a low drag, low weight orientation key……all that key does is keep your bolt from rotating, nothing else. No need to stake these bolts, you have 1/5 of the original key weight so it will not become loose and it will not shear your screws.

Going with a low friction coating like Nickel Boron only makes sense in a blow back action, not only will it continue to function in adverse conditions, but it will be a breeze to clean as well. Our bolts were designed to run with our new ramped barrels but will work equally as well with our non ramped barrels as well as other standard 9mm AR15 barrels too! Yes, the bolt is rather extreme, but you need that to be a leader.