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Mr. BulletFeeder by DAA

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DAA has been the proud European distributor of Mr. Bullet Feeder since 2006, and has have never had an unhappy customer with their product! Anyone and everyone who invested in a Mr. Bullet Feeder absolutely raves about it. It makes one wonder how they ever reloaded without one... Those who reload a lot, quickly appreciate the efficiency and reliability of this ingenious Patented system.

However, Mr. Bullet Feeder has always been a little “rough” in its appearance and finish. It was made from existing materials and parts, and as such never had the sleek professional look and feel of a refined “production” article. Additionally since the bullet feeders have always been hand made, in moderate quantities, production costs have been high, resulting in demand, which always exceeded availability.

Now, all this has changed! DAA is proud to introduce the new Mr. Bullet Feeder by DAA. DAA and Rak Systems have teamed up in retooling and redesigning the Mr. Bullet Feeder, with fantastic results. The new Mr. Bullet Feeder by DAA, now manufactured by Double-Alpha Academy under license by Rak Systems, is a professional, hi-tech version of the original. It is lighter in weight and more compact than the previous models. This new streamlined product is easier to install and set up, while retaining the same flawless performance and efficiency of the original design.

In fact, an entirely new US Patent Pending dropper system allows this new model to function even better and longer than before. The new dropper design eliminates the need for any spring or small plastic parts in the dropper head, and allows it to function entirely by gravity and an ingenious geometric design.

Finally to top it all off - DAA will offer the new Mr. Bullet Feeder at a far more affordable price!

If you have never tried a bullet feeder on your progressive reloader – don’t wait any longer! It will cut the time and effort involved in reloading practically in half! A must-have item for any serious shooter.

The new Mr. Bullet Feederby DAA is available in 9/38, 40SW/10 mm, and .45. Rifle calibers .223 and .308.

Info on setting up Rifle Calibers- http://www.mrbulletfeeder.com/rifle-calibers/

Info on power supply issues;


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by Keith
on 5/31/2019
Mr. Bulletfeeder Rocks
Don't know how I went this long without a Mr. Bulletfeeder on my Dillon650XL. Easy to setup. Very responsive customer service. Makes a huge difference in cartridge output. Well worth the money in the time it saves you.
by longrider
on 4/19/2019
It is the best addition I have made to my 650 the setup was not that hard if you go step by step the only question I have is it occasionally will have bullets catch in the dropper stack but never fails to drop one in the case 
by MK
on 4/8/2019
I debated for years about getting this but finally did. Shooters Connection had it to me super quick like within 2-3 days.

Takes some finagling to get it set up as well outlined online and the help videos are a must. 

I’m loading on a Dillon 650 and I was concerned about losing my lock out die. Lock out die is not infallible and I’ve had some light loads that got by the die due to powder clumping up. 

Now I’m able to pay much more attention to powder level in case as it comes around since I’m not messing with a bullet.

Highly recommend MBF and Shooters Connection. You can’t go wrong with either one.
by Display Name
on 9/8/2018
Slick on a 1050
Easy to set up. Had the dropper where it couldn't move freely at first but no issues after I figured out my error. Reloading speed seems at least double and bullets are better centered in the brass. Very happy with it but have only used it for maybe 2000 rounds so reliability is not proven. 
by Michele2Alpha
on 7/24/2018
Happy Customer
I've purchased a few things from this company and found their customer service and prices to be outstanding. The price point for this product was significantly better, compared to other companies. They also shipped it within 24 hours! I received a quality product that does exactly what it's supposed to do!
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