Taran Tactical Magazine Spring 11 coil

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  • Item #:  STISV-S11C
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11 coil magazine spring.

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 3 reviews )

much better than the mbx springs

Review by mark weaver on 7/21/2020

these springs are stronger and last much longer than mbx in mbx magazines. you do have to bend the spring slightly so the mbx follower sits at the correct angle, but the tab on the spring is in the right place.

Monster match

Review by D. Augustus on 5/7/2019

Great as expected.

Trouble Free

Review by B.J. Miller on 10/9/2018

TTI products are high quality. There are several good companies out there. There are some not so good. If you want trouble free service, Taran Tactical products wont let you down.

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