Taylor Freelance CZ P10 F Backstrap - Brass - Black

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P10 Drivers! 

Lower the center of gravity on your P10F and slow down the recoil impulse. Stonebridge Gunworks (which specializes in P10s) asked us to mass-produce this part for their clients, replacing a backstrap that they'd been producing in small batches. (Expensive.) 

We added a few little flourishes of our own (like our criss-crossing diamond pattern checkering), and created a part that we think you'll love! 

Mimics the factory "medium" backstrap

Changes the balance of the pistol -- "feels like an all-metal gun"

Made from solid brass! (5 1/8 ounces) Our heaviest backstrap to date!

Weight: 5.125 ounces

Material: Brass

Color: Black

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