Taylor Freelance Goliath XL Glock plus 30 Basepad

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Our Price: $99.99
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CRAZY capacity!
The Goliath XL takes up where our original Goliath leaves off. 
-- +30 round capacity (61+1!)
-- Super Strong (see video of concrete lifts)
-- quick-release base allows for easy cleaning
-- 100% US made, from US materials
-- includes XXL spring!
Designed for pistol caliber carbine competition -- particularly the "outlaw" matches that have 40, 50, and even 60-shot courses of fire.
This mag lets you shoot those huge stages without pausing to reload!
NOTE: For use with genuine Glock magazines.
NOTE: Works best with ammunition no longer than 1.125". 147-grain bullets and "Winchester White Box" ammunition specifically not recommended. (The extension is built slightly undersize to accommodate quirks in the way Glock magazines are made.)
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