CZ Custom Barrel 9mm SHADOW 2 (L 4.8" 0.55" Dia) Stainless Steel

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CZC Stainless Steel Barrel 4.8" L x 0.55" D
Full Size Pistols with 0.55" Bushings.

CZ Shadow 2
CZ 75 Sp01
CZ 75 SP01 Tactical.
CZ 75 Shadow.
CZ 75 SP01 Shadow.
CZ 75 Phantom
CZ 75 SP01 Shadow AUZ

Barrel Diameter 0.550" Length 4.8"

This is the bigger diameter barrel. It will not fit in a standard CZ75. The CZ75 bushing is smaller (0.502").

CZC barrel. Fitting Maybe required


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