Black Scorpion Thunderbolt Master Pouch with Magnet

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Thunderbolt Master Magazine Pouch USPSA

This new and unique magazine pouch by Black Scorpion Gear, was designed with the collaboration of Grand Masters Shooters Emanuel Manny Bragg and tested by him, by Shooter Shannon Smith and Spain Champion Gorka Ibanez.
The Thunderbolt Master Pouch Magnetic USPSA is the magazine pouch that the shooter may use without any changes or adjustments, other than the position and desired angle on his belt he or she double stack 2011 manufacturer. He or She may also CARRY A SECOND MAGAZINE attached to the OUTER MAGNET which could be placed on either side of the pouch for right or left handed shooters.
The Thunderbolt is legal for USPSA Open and Limited This Magazine Pouch with its Strong rectangular magnetic hold provides the shooter with the ability of setting it at any angle with strong hold and at the same time helps enhance the speed and overall performance at reload.

Light weight, ABS Polymer strong and durable material. Designed for the Competitive Edge Expected by the Best.
• Fits Double Stack, 2011 All Magazines in the market.
• Ambidextrous design for Left/Right Handed user.
• Fits all Magazines in the Market.
• Rotates 360 degrees for increased comfort and speed.
. Magnet 32mm, N52.
• Complete with Master Belt Loop For Competition Belts width 1.5"
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