Springer Precision M17/X-Compact/X5 Legion Front Cowitness Optics Mount Holosun 507c

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This is a one piece aluminum optic plate for mounting a  Holosun 507c to the Sig Sauer P320 X-Five Legion pistol and be able to cowitness. This mount uses the two forward screw holes on your slide cut to attach our mount to the slide with our provided hardware, with the rear holes on the mount for attaching the optic, also with our provided screws and thread locker. Comes with a black rear sight and fiber optic front. This mount is designed to move the optic back to the rear of the slide behind the rear dovetail, away from the ejection port of the firearm. Keeping the optic lense cleaner.  1.0oz with optic hardware.

** Springer Precision can only guarantee the the mount will fit models and optics listed.**

**Designed to only fit the Sig Sauer P320 M17, P320 M18, P320 X-Compact, and P320 X-Five Legion slides. WILL NOT FIT OTHER MODELS and may not work on Military issue M17 models or commemoritive editions**

** Works with the Holosun 507c which uses Trijicon RMR compatible mounting pattern with longer provided screws from Holoson

Does NOT work with the RX, Original X-Five/X-Carry (for Romeo1) or Pro/LE Pro P320 models. 

Does NOT work with Trijicon SRO

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