Taran Tactical Oversized Benelli M2/M1 Ultimate Safety

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TTI Oversized Benelli M2/M1 Speed Safety.

This safety was designed to be the ultimate extended safety for Three Gun Competition and Tactical shotguns where getting the gun from a safe position to the ready fire position in a split second counts.

· Smooth to disengage and engages with a positive click

· Long enough to disengage with out repositioning your trigger finger but not obtrusive to where it distracts the trigger finger while firing

· Extended “safe” side for more leverage and ease of engaging the safety

· Easy to operate even when wearing gloves

· User friendly, easy installation

· No Gunsmithing required to fit around the shape of the Benelli trigger guard

· CNC machined out of billet stainless steel

Taran designed this safety to give him the best advantage possible in competition and is now offering it to the public.

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 8 reviews )

Taran Tactical Oversized Benelli M2/M1 Ultimate Safety

Review by vicente reyes on 9/22/2021

super fast a1

Oversized safety

Review by Matt on 11/26/2019

I like this a lot compared to the OEM. It is big enough if you go to squeeze and the safety is on you will feel it against your knuckle. Roll the knuckle and it is off.

Benelli M2 ultimate Safety Device

Review by Eli on 8/17/2019

Good product.

More functional than the OEM

Review by Rev357 on 4/14/2018

This safety takes the process of "Disengage safety, re position finger to trigger, fire" down to "Disengage safety, fire". It sticks out just enough that when laying your finger alongside the frame, you don't have to reposition your finger to then disengage the safety.

A must if you’re going to do 3gun

Review by Richard R on 1/22/2018

If you did not get this from any other review this safety will allow you to disengage it with the pad of your finger below your first knuckle. Kind of hard to explain but you no longer have to use the tip of your finger to disengage the safety. Makes it super fast to get to your trigger. Love it. The hardest part about installation is making sure you don’t damage the spring holding the safety in place. Took about five minutes to do. TTI rocks!

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