Taran Tactical Oversized Benelli Bolt Release

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Benelli Oversize Bolt Release

Made of aircraft grade aluminum with mil spec hard anodizing. Designed to be big enough to easily and quickly release the bolt in the heat of competition but not be too big to get caught on things on a defensive tactical shotgun. You never want to run your shotgun dry during a match, but if you do, this part can help you get back into action as fast as possible.

After hours and hours of testing different prototypes on the range, Taran designed this bolt release which he believes is the perfect size.

Drilling and tapping required.

Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 7 reviews )

Taran Tactical Oversized Benelli Bolt Release

Review by vicente reyes on 9/22/2021

super fast a1


Review by Rodolfo Pijuan on 9/11/2021

Very nice people

Provides excellent function

Review by Rev357 on 4/14/2018

This was a bit more work to install than other Benelli mods, as it requires drilling and tapping of the steel carrier latch. Once installed on the existing release, it works quite well. I recommend being generous with the loctite. One thing I don't like is that the back of the button is completely smooth (for compatibility with more models). I would like to see it inletted in the shape of the original button to provide some mechanical advantage when installed. As it is, the only thing holding it's orientation is the torquing of the tiny screw against the knurling of the original release.

Needs to be drilled and tapped

Review by Matt on 11/15/2017

I glued it on first to ensure this is what I want. It works great. I ordered a wire gauge and tap from brownells. I ordered two of each just in case I break one. They came yesterday so I am going to use a drill press to do the work. I ordered a new bolt release just in case I screw it up.

Not impressed

Review by BigT on 7/4/2017

This Taran Tactical bolt relieved is made well from what I see but, I am not impressed that unlike other similar product I hav bought. This came with zero instructions, no drill, & no tap. For the money, that wouldn't be to much to ask at all. Especially, since other similar products on the market do.

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