CARVER Slideracker for Glock

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Slideracker to fit Glock rear sight dovetail. Due to variable dovetail sizes, this part may require some fitting. Installation is easy, just tap into the dovetail and set the set screw. Can be used on either the left or right sides of the slide.
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Carver charging handle for Glock

Review by Tommy Jones on 2/25/2020

They work , fit and look awsome

Average Joe Shooter

Review by Louis Weaver on 4/22/2019

I never thought I would like to have a slide racker on a Glock but it works. I've been using a Glock gen 3 in open USPSA and 3-gun for several years now and always used a flat hand strike on the optic to charge the gun. My new gen 5 open gun however has the MOS cut that leaves the rear sight notch available. I got this product thinking it might be a little longer than I need and I was ready to cut it down if needed. Didn't have to. It's perfect just as it comes. It's very light and with a dab of loctite stays solidly in place. Now I just need to practice pulling the slide racker and stop slapping the crap out of my optic.


Review by Nick on 9/14/2018

Bent and broke while tapping it in with a rubber mallet(!). Weak, I do not recommend it.

Response from Chuck- I did forward this to Bobby to let him know about it. The description does say it needs to be fit first. Driving it in with a mallet, whatever type, hard enough to bend or break tells me it wasn't fit properly first. Not really a fair review but it is relevant to the part and might help somebody else so they don't make the same mistake of driving it in without fitting it.

Carver racker

Review by Carver on 4/3/2018

I had my gun build by Bobby carver, I went ahead and had him install a 2011 style racker on a Glock against his recommendation. Long story short, it didn't work, went back to carver racker. Installed it on the left side, due to 90degree cmore mount and haven't looked back! Great product by B&B enterprises!

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