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Adjustable Trigger Length by changing out the shoe. Comes with Short Curve Shoe. Other shoes available HERE
Average rating 7 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Can't remove the shoe

Review by Stepan on 8/27/2021

Installed trigger shoe simply doesn't move - the bar bent before it even bulged. Maybe if you have some special vice it would work. Wasted 90$
Response from CHuck- These triggers are tight. The over-travel screw must be all the way out. Also the bow is a thin piece of metal so the trigger has to be blocked on a vice to insert and remove. You cant count on the bow itself to function as the brace.

New Trigger

Review by Fernando on 12/21/2020

Finally Got My bull after waiting so long for it, However I didn't order my SAS2 UL with the upgraded modular trigger so Im glad I was able to find it here and I installed it in about 30 minutes and it looks amazing. Taking it to the range and see how it operates. I'll do another update. Will be ordering the ambidextrous safety as well & installing that.

Excellent Option...

Review by FP9.Leadslinger on 11/11/2020

This trigger was purchased for a set of aluminum grips by trinity. It fit perfectly and required minimal tuning to install properly. I would recommend.

Tight but nice

Review by Joshua on 8/5/2020

Driving the standard shoe out of the bow half is not simple. There isn't really a good way to hold the bow while you drive out the shoe without damaging it. I had to place the trigger in my 2011 grip and drive out the shoe with a brass punch. The aluminum on the bow half was large in both width and height on my grip for everyone's info.

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