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TJ's 1911 Series '80 to '70 Shims replace the gap used by the Colt Series '80 Firing Pin Block Parts. It is nessessary to fill this frame gap so the sear will not wander over and lock up the entire trigger mechanism.

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TJ's Custom Gunworks Conversion

Review by 1911 Series 80 to 70 Conversion on 9/11/2021

The TJ's Series 80 to 70 1911 conversion is easy to install and reduces the trigger pull slightly. I did convert a Series 80 Colt .38 Super and a Colt Series 90 .45 ACP. The first one did take a little while due to the fact I never installed one and have large hands (3-X gloves) and fingers the size of sausages! The second went quick after mastering the proper technique on the first install.

They listen

Review by Jerry in Northern Nevada on 3/9/2021

I was looking for a small pistol part and Shooters Connection had in stock at a good price. In trying to check out, I ran into a conflict concerning shipping. I stopped my purchase and that evening I sent an Email outlining issue. Early next morning I called about ordering over phone. Not sure who I talked with but they were courteous as I described my issue. They (Shooters Connection) told me problem had been fixed. Now mind you, this happened just hours after sending Email. This action speaks volumes to me as a company that cares and is striving to do their best in providing a service. And I placed an online order following phone call with them. AND the same morning got Email that my part in shipping. I read several negative reviews and am wondering are there two Shooter Connections because my experience was nothing but positive. And I am not a shill or associated with this company but want to give others an honest data point for your decisions. Jerry in Northern Nevada

Great simple fix

Review by jcc7x7 on 6/6/2020

Simple fix to change a 80 series to a 70 with minimal work. Just stone both sides of plate and make sure it's not wider than the frame opening or it my bind the hammer.

80 series are dumb

Review by Noel Z on 11/5/2019

Hey Gun manufacturers, if you build a gun with a fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight, then you’re marketing to the competition crowd. STOP putting series 80 parts in your competition guns. It’s just dumb.

1911 Series 80 to 70 Shim

Review by Ty M on 10/10/2018

Comes in 3 thicknesses. I bought calipers at Harbor Freight and a ‘feeler’ guage On Amazon So I could calculate the correct size. It fit like a glove with just enough play.

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