Shooters Connection Sidewinder Slide Racker Finished

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  • Item #:  SC-SR
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The must have item on an Open Gun.

.360 x 60* dovetail

Average rating 8 out of 10 ( based on 17 reviews )

Solid racker

Review by Laz on 7/21/2021

This doesn’t look as pretty as the rest of my gun but it functions flawlessly professional install of course


Review by Jason on 4/2/2020

This sidewinder is the perfect addition for my Czechmate. I hated having the factory slide racker in the right side of the gun. With this I’m able to have on the left side where it’s just a quicker grab for me. It did stick out a bit farther than I wanted so I just cut some off the slide end, drilled and retapped a new hole and she’s good to go. Would definitely buy another one.


Review by Laxman2809 on 10/15/2019

Great item fit my Czechmate and the slide racker no longer comes out.


Review by Rick Nease on 3/20/2019

Great Product

Review by Anon on 2/13/2019

Great. Couldn't be better. Thanks!

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