Atlas Gunworks Thumb Rest Slide Stop Black

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***Note this item is meant to be used in conjunction with the Chaos V2 frame.***


  • 1x Thumb rest slide stop black with a .830 pin length
  • Pin length is .010" Shorter than other thumb rest slidestops to accommodate the Chaos V2's frame. 
  • It will still function properly with other Atlas frames but the pin on the opposite side won't sit flush (see pic.3)  
  • Non-Lockback.
  • Helps improve your grip.
  • Adds leverage with your support hand to reduce muzzle rise. 
  • The .830 pin is the best fit for Staccato 2011 Pistol Frames. The pin will protrude a few 1/1000.
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Works Great, But scuffed up my slide

Review by Cory on 11/14/2022

Sits too close to the slide, actually against it. Rubbed some of the DLC coating off my staccato if seated all the way through the slide stop hole, and had to actually pull it out to avoid it making contact with the slide. A little disappointed in such an expensive little piece of metal. Response from Chuck- As with any custom 1911 parts they most probably need some type of fitting based on your particular firearm as they are not all the same. I did check the offset pad on the part and it is .095, which will have its own tolerances. Sometimes we get what they call stacking of tolerances. The depth of your slice stop recess cut and the width of your slide and its location on the frame can make a difference. In this case it sounds as if the shield needed to be thinned down a few thousandths. I will pass this info on to atlas with your contact info.

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