EGW HD Extractor SER 70

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1. The hook is moved back closer to the bolt face to improve extractor life and accuracy


2. The hook is done with a special cutter that leaves a nice clean radius in the inside corner where most extractors fail.

3. The Hook itself is undercut a couple degrees so it bites into the case rim.

4. The back section is solid so it is stronger.

5. The back is a little long so you can blend it to YOUR slide for a perfect fit. We checked slides from 5 manufactures during development and they were all different in the back radius where the extractor blends in.

6. The cut for the firing pin stop is held to a tighter spec and works great with our O/S fp stop.

7. Vacuum heat treated 49 to 51 rc which yields great spring properties and maintains tension.

8. Made from Unobtanium, only available from EGW inc. this stuff is a century ahead of common spring steel.

9. 20 years experience counts for something. EGW the parts that fit.

Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Great Extractor

Review by SC on 12/28/2019

It works great. EGW never let me down.

EGW Extractor

Review by Jose O. on 9/24/2019

Robust and logic design. No other extractor in the market come close to this application. The full size post will definitely prevent the extractor from shifting laterally or longitudinally since extractor tunnels vary in dimensions from different slide manufacturers.


Review by Kiko on 10/16/2017

Don’t fit in my ria

Response from Chuck- RIA are notorious for having really wide tolerances and being out of spec which would require more fitting than a normal 1911 if parts will work at all. Dont blame the part for the gun its going in. And yes extractors need to be fit even in a well made brand. The EGW parts are gunsmith fit parts. The firing pin stop will have to be fit to it. The back will need to be blended to the back of the slide and the nose will have to be prepped for proper feeding and extraction. In this case the part is fine but the expectation and application is in question.


Review by Jeffrey Abernathy on 5/18/2017

Great extractor. Works great in Para with the Power extractor or any 1911 or 2011.

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