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Mail is around 3:00 pm, UPS is around 4:00 pm, Eastern time. 

Changes to your order!

We process quickly and before we read all emails. Do not count on an email for changes as we process very quickly. If you need to change you must call us asap. To add items it is best to place a new order for the added items and make a note in the comment box to combine the orders. Yes it will show shipping on the 2nd order but we will adjust shipping as applicable. Any request to change without following these instructions will result in the order being shipped as originally ordered.

All Returns must be as received, brand new, unmounted, uninstalled.


We follow all Federal and State Firearms laws. This means any serial numbered item(firearm or reciever) must be shipped to a licensed dealer in your state unless you are a resident of kentucky and come here in person to pick it up. Please make sure what you order is legal for you to order, import and possess in your city, state or country.  International customers, we can only send NON-gunparts out of the country due to the ITAR regulations. This includes magazine parts and reloading components.  It is illegal to export these items without valid export permits and licenses. If you are exporting product after purchasing be sure to do so legally according to ITAR rules. We suggest using a licensed exporter to handle permits for you.   It is also illegal for us to ship gun parts to a freight forwarder. We will not send gun parts to a freight forwarder.

Our site does utilize Address Verification on credit card transactions. Please be sure you enter the correct billing address for the credit card used. Failure to do so will cause the transaction to be declined and delay your order. Due to Fraud, first time orders must have shipping address match the billing address. If not it will delay your order for further identification. You can change the preferred address by calling your credit card provider. Many gift cards come with directions to not use them on the internet becuase they cant pass the address verification test. Some gift cards allow you to create an address online so they will work online. If you do not have a gift card that allows this please do not enter it online, it will decline and delay your order.


Damages or loss in transit. Save any and all packing materials. Its becoming harder to get claims paid, especially through the postal service. If you have a claim with the postal service you will need to make sure the delivery person makes note of the damage and then take it to the post office so they can fill out Form 2856 and mail it to the claims center. ONLY the USPS can fill out 2856, not you or us. Without this they will not pay! We can reship your item and charge you for it immediatley. We will refund the item in the damaged order when we get paid for the claim. I understand this is burdensome but it is the way USPS does it so please keep this in mind when selcting a shipping method. It is your choice. UPS is much easier to deal with. Also please keep in mind we are not responsoble for USMail packages that the USmail says has been delivered. They will not pay a claim even if lost or stolen if they show it as delivered. You accept their terms when you choose that service. We suggest using UPS. They may cost a little more but the service level is much better.

We do not ship to Freight Forwarders!

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All returns must brand new as received, unmounted, uninstalled.