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CED proudly introduces the new CED M2 Chronograph System. Building on the original CED Millennium Chronograph, which has been an industry standard for the past eight years, the new CED M2 Chronograph begins where its predecessor leaves off. New advanced technology enabled us to DOUBLE the operating speed of the CED M2 chronograph incorporating a micro-controller that runs at 48 MHz while expanding the operation range from 50 fps to 7,000 fps.. Memory storage has been expanded 500% from 220 velocities to over 1,000 stored velocities. Stored string size can range from a single velocity up to 500 velocities and up to 500 different strings. Expanded digital chip design now gives the CED M2 the ability of reading velocities at much lower light levels. On clear days, this means the ability to chronograph from early morning till almost sunset. A new keypad has been designed in calculator-style layout. In fact, we have added a built-in calculator as well. Further, the CED M2 now includes a “Hi-Average” function which provides “one touch” calculation of the average of the three highest velocities in a string. This new function is ideal for calculating Power Factor at IPSC & IDPA matches. With the new built-in calculator, the results are easy and fast! In addition, the CED M2 Chronograph adds even more new features like Single function string removal, 2 ft. mounting bracket for ALL uses, the ability to recall specific strings from memory or to remove specific strings from memory, and a new USB interface. Now it is easier than ever to connect your chronograph to your PC and download your saved data into the newly designed and updated CED Data Collector software program.

The CED M2 Chronograph goes far beyond the competition with advanced custom features including:

* Sleek, lightweight, and compact design

* Advanced software & digital circuitry = extremely fast performance!

* Over 1000 shot capacity with up to 500 string permanent memory

* Records velocities from 50 fps to 7,000 fps

* High, Low, Average, & Hi-Average velocity readings

* Extreme Spread & Standard Deviation

* Edit & Omit functions

* Built-in Calculator

* IPSC / IDPA Power Factor computation Function

* New Data Collector Software program included

* Meter or feet recording

* 10X Mode – records slower velocities in decimeters

* Voice Chip technology – Results can be heard as well as seen

* On / Off control, with no-memory loss "Auto-Shut Down" mode

* PC Downloads - USB interface for fast, software downloads of stored data

* New Data Collector Software program included

* Low battery warning indicator

* Back-up battery storage

* 9-Volt battery operation (not included)

* Operating Temperature range (0c to +50c)

PHOTO The largest custom LCD display in the industry providing all relative information at a single glance.

1. Full function custom display

2. Current Velocity

3. No. of shots recorded in string

4. Screen setting distance in feet or meter measurement

5. Low Battery Warning

6. Current function in use

7. Error warning indicator Custom Key pad - No toggling required with "easy to read" format and moisture resistant display.

* One piece rubber key pad display

* Easy to read function format PHOTO Dual Lens Skyscreen Sensors, Diffuser Screens, and 2 ft. foldable (tripod threaded) Mounting Bracket included!

* Heavy duty 5 inch wide Screens

* Large shooting area

* Custom dual lens design with built-in pressure plate adjustment

* 20 ft. Shielded cable
WARNING! ALL RF electronic products that transmit on a frequency are sold specific to region. USA uses 314 MHz band for transmission and EEC countries use 434 MHz. Neither is legal in the other. Thus, a RF Timer sold in the US would have a 314 frequency and would NOT be compatible wiith any 434 systems sold in Europe. Further, ALL CED electronics sold today, use universal chargers (where applicable) BUT, if sold here in the USa, they come with flat pin adapter heads and if sold in EEC, they come with round pin, and if sold in Australia, they come with 3-prong head adapters. It is easy for the consumer to buy an adapter too convert these to their particular need, but we do not offer it. If you order a US Version to use in Europe or other countries, it will have to returned to CED-USA for service and there may be a shipping charge incurred even if under warranty.

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CED Millineum 2 Chronograph

Review by Gerald Forbes on 2/16/2018

This item has never worked properly. I keep getting an error message. It worked one trip to the range out of five, including after I purchased the infrared screen set. I have emailed CED (2/16/18), but have not received a reply as of yet. I have read and read the manual and I am setting it up properly with both the infrared screens and the light screens.

Response from Chuck- I understand it can be frustrating when something doesn't work as expected. We have been selling these for 20years or so. CED will address your issue just give them some time. You emailed on 2/16 and did this review on 2/16. Please update it when you get it taken care of. It could be something really simple like a bad wire connection. They always take care of their products. You have had it for 6 weeks, I really wish you had contacted us or them sooner.

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