Wilson Combat Ultima-Lube II Lite Oil, 2 oz. Bottle

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Ultima-Lube II Lite Oil

Very Low Viscosity, Penetrates Hard to Get to Areas

Ideal for Extreme Cold Weather Use

Excellent for Precision-Fit Firearms

Recommended for Tightly Fitted Handguns of Minor Calibers (9mm, .38 Super, etc.)

Wilson Combat® Ultima-Lube II is a blend of petroleum and synthetic lubricants specially formulated to insure optimal performance of any firearm and inhibit wear. The unique blend of lubricating fluids has proven ideal for today's high-tech semi-auto weapons, whether manufactured of conventional steels, aluminum alloys or stainless steel. In addition, we have found nothing superior to Ultima-Lube II for the proper lubrication and protection of the hand-fit custom firearms that Wilson Combat® is known for.

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