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Gensteel - refined, polished, and stylish. That is exactly what we did with our Ultimate belt. We refined it with a steel core and polished the look to bring you the great looking GenSteel belt.  Available in Black, Red, Blue and Silver. Belt is a little larger than 1 1/2 inches wide so that the gear will fit very snug on the belt.

MAKE SURE YOU MEASURE YOUR WAIST FIRST! Do not rely on clothing sizes, measure your waist directly and add 2-3" to get the size you should order.
Inner Belt
Outer Belt
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Average rating 8 out of 10 ( based on 7 reviews )

SC GenSTeel Belt

Review by RandyIdaho on 2/16/2021

The belt arrived with the inner belt sewn together completely wrong. Hook velcro on wrong end and only sewn on half way. SC sent a replacement very promptly, and it was fine. The edge trim on the outer belt was sewn on and not pulled down very tight. Maybe it is an artifact of the steel band in the belt. Clamp on mounting hardware, such as AA mag pouches, are difficult to fit over the belt to install the clamping bar. Same with the Stoeger Boss bracket. They will fit, and very tight, but it takes some work. ALSO, follow belt length measuring instructions. Be certain to actually measure around your shooting pants while wearing with not belt on with a measuring tape, and add 2" to the actual measurement to get the proper belt length. Otherwise your belt will be too short. I wear 36" waist pants. My measure around the outside of the pants was 37". I ordered a 40" belt and the length is just right. If I ordered a 38", there would have been only about 3" of velcro overlap. Reply from Chuck- Yes it is a tight fit but the tight fit is better then your stuff flopping around on the belt. One reason we added the padding in the front was to ad a platform for mounting thing tight. Sorry the inner had the incorrect sewing, glad we replaced it immediately. AS far as the instructions I thought it best to ad something to that. These belts are designed to have about 8" of overlap. So a 40" belt is about 48". If your waist measures 37 then you should have 11" of overlap minus the amount taken for the inner and the gear. Usually 2" which is why we say ad 2". If you only had 5" of overlap then the belt was the wrong size or something it wrong with the math. We find most clothing manufacturers will size pants 4" below the actual measurement. So if you wear a size 36 then your waist is most likely near 40, add the 2" for gear, and you should be at 8" of overlap. Good thing is its Velcro so it doesn't have to be exact. Not sure a 6 is fair but thats why we have reviews.

It's a belt!

Review by Rbx123 on 2/9/2021

It works!

Outer belt good, inner belt not so good

Review by DLyell on 1/12/2021

I really like the steel lined outer belt but the inner belt has radius stitching along the length of each side of the belt that creates a stand off from the hook and loop. It looks nice but It prevents the outer belt from sticking to the inner belt due to the gap created from the stitching. I had to order a different inner belt.


Review by G on 11/12/2020

Sturdy and well made


Review by Andrew on 6/5/2020

Easy to set up. Very configurable. This is one good quality belt--my third comp belt. The outside belt is really sturdy. Very nice. I am 29 waist. I bought 32 belt. The inside belt is quite adjustable for length. It's all attached via hook n loop, so you can wrap it tighter or looser around your waist and stick it. Fits very, very tight around my waist, this inner belt. The outer belt is long enough to accomodate heavy amounts of equipment. Buy once, cry once? In this case, buy once, cry none. Trippy huh?

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