PACT Professional XP Chronograph w/ IR Kit

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The Pact Professional XP Chronograph

It's a hit or miss proposition to use reloading manuals or manufacturers' claims to determine the velocity of a load in your gun, for the simple reason that the measurements were taken using their gun. Why should you care how fast your loads are going? Because knowing the velocity of your loads in your gun will allow you to refine them for the best possible accuracy at distance, remove the guesswork from holdover and insure optimum bullet performance on game.

If you're a reloader who enjoys refining his loads to perfection, a PACT Chronograph will provide you with a tremendous insight into the inner workings of your cartridge. How? Because the velocity of a given round is the byproduct of the average pressure of that round. There is no free lunch. Velocity reflects pressure. Compare the actual velocity of a particular charge to the predicted velocity.

This will help you determine if you're getting adequate ignition or if you're moving into the danger zone on pressure even though you're still below the "max." load. Taking note of the average variations in shot to shot velocity will alert you to subtle problem areas of a load and help you eliminate the variables. This insight is the difference between a load that goes "bang" and one that really performs.

The software in all PACT Chronographs was written with this analysis in mind. Our mission is to help you produce the finest possible ammunition and hit your target.

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