JP Tactical Compensator 9mm Matte Black

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Tactical Compensator
   1/2-36 TPI (9mm)
   .850 OD
   .406 Exit
   Matte Black

Tactical" is as much looks as function. It's easy to knock out a tactical-looking comp that does almost nothing for recoil control or sight recovery. That's fine if your rifle is just for looks, but that kind of comp will never have a JP on it.

When it came to building our own duty guns, the state of the tactical compensator market forced us to compromise for years. Finally, we just had to make our own.

The JP Tactical Series of compensators benefits from our years of recoil reduction engineering dating back to the original Recoil Eliminator. This ground-up comps design is the result of numerous iterations spent on perfecting port angle geometry. The final design is a flat-shooting, functional treatment with increased baffle surface area that just looks right in black.

This compensator includes a crush washer and installation instructions.


  • Redirects muzzle gasses to cancel out a large portion of recoil impulse
  • Provides dramatically improved sight recovery for faster follow-up shots
  • Minimized muzzle rise
  • Dramatically reduced accuracy degradation between shoots
  • Durable QPQ finish for low wear and long lifespan
  • Includes pre-drilled shroud feature for easier pin-and-weld installation
  • American made
Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 3 reviews )

9 mm PCC compensater

Review by Jeff Ehrlich on 4/28/2019

Fit right on and works as advertised.


Review by Shouse Custom on 8/24/2018

Top quality company. Excellent service and products.

Flat, Flat, Flat

Review by JimmiSezSo on 9/14/2017

JP Tactical Comp design bests other comps/brakes with its unique 3-axis porting of escaping gases. Sure, every other comp/brake has 3 ports however; not in the JP has them sized, canted and positioned across the muzzle spectrum. My PCC runs flat as a board!!

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