JP 9mm Short Stroke Conversion Kit

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9mm Short Stroke Conversion Kit
for JPSCS2-9 Silent Captured Spring

This conversion kit allows the changeover of any existing 4-mass 9mm Silent Captured Spring (JPSCS2-9) to a 5-mass short stroke version. The complete package includes the following:

  • 5-mass slider
  • steel mass
  • 5x replacement o-rings
  • snap ring
  • spare buffer retention screw
  • chamber flag
  • instruction sheet

The 9mm Short Stroke Version provides the same reliable buffering as our other 9mm SCS models but with a shorter overall stroke. Designed for competitors looking for every edge, this model offers snappier cycling with even less felt recoil thanks to the shorter stroke.

Note that because of its shorter travel, a short stroke Silent Captured Spring will not actuate the bolt catch on 9mm carbine receivers such as the GMR-15™. But, as our PCC stars always say, if you run your mag. empty at a match, you've done something wrong. Plus, the superior cycling more than makes up for it.

Average rating 9 out of 10 ( based on 2 reviews )

Faster cycle, but no recoil impulse difference.

Review by DVCMarkR on 6/12/2019

I didn't notice any difference in recoil impulse, but the kit did make the cycle time a little faster. Since my loads are poof loads I needed to speed up the cycle time as I was outrunning the gun on 3 hit requirements. Only negative thing I don't like is the lack of lock back capability....makes loading and clearing a little tricky holding the bolt open and de-flagging/flagging at the same time. With the loss of lock back and no felt recoil difference, I'm not sure if I'll keep it in my JP PCC. However, it does make the cycle time just a bit faster.

Kicks it up a notch

Review by Xdmguy on 4/2/2019

This short stroke kit works perfect in my GMR15-PCC I think John Paul has another winner in his stable of outstanding rifles. Shooters Connection had this kit in stock and with quick delivery I was up and running in a couple of days....Get Some!

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