Dawson Fiber Front STI-SV 1911/2011

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Sight, Front, STI, SV, 1911 and 2011 Fiber Optic


0.090 Wide, 0.180 High

0.100 Wide, 0.180 High

0.110 Wide, 0.180 High

0.125 Wide, 0.180 High

0.100 Wide, 0.170 High

Fits Edge, Eagle, Executive, Trojan, Rangemaster, Sentinel Premier and most 5" and 6" STI pistols with Bomar style adjustable rear sights like STI, Ed Brown, Dawson.

0.100 Wide, 0.160 High

0.100 Wide, 0.155 High

Fits most 5" STI pistols with fixed rear sights like Novak, Dawson, TAS

0.100 Wide, 0.140 High

Fits most 3.7"-4.15" STI pistols with fixed rear sights like Novak, Dawson, TAS

0.100 Wide, 0.130 High

Fits most 3.0" STI pistols with fixed rear sights like  Novak, Dawson, TAS

For best results, measure the front sight height of the sight you are replacing the fiber optic with. For gun builds, the depth of the rear sight cut varies from builder to builder and can make a difference, consult your gunsmith for the correct height for their preferred cut depth. Point of impact varies greatly on fixed sights by the caliber, barrel length, and your particular ammo or reload.

Average rating 10 out of 10 ( based on 4 reviews )

Dawson FS

Review by pierre on 4/5/2020



Review by Mattmclearn on 8/14/2019

Great product as always.

Dawson sight

Review by David H on 8/16/2017

Sight is a big improvement over the 3 dot that came on the STI. Shout out to Barry for the tech support.

Great front sight

Review by Kevin on 6/2/2017

Can't go wrong with Dawson front sights I run them in both of my limited guns! Easy to fit just take your time

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