Dawson Precision STI 2011 Magazine Tuning Kit

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Now you can tune mags yourself, perfectly!

.Dave Dawson has designed a tooling package to tune STI Magazines. Dave has long been recognized as The Expert on STI mags. Now you can tune and maintain your own magazines the same way Dave does. Kit includes Feed Lip Forming Tool, Feed Lip Spreading Pliers, Diamond Feed Lip De-Burring File, the spring compression tool along with an instructional DVD that demonstrates the proper process to tuning magazines. Dave's own Top-Secret measurements to super-tune your high-capacity magazine will be revealed for the first time on the DVD. Brass hammer and dial calipers are required but not included

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Dawson secrets

Review by Laurent P on 12/7/2020

A bit Expensive but worth it. The original 2011 magazines have current issues that this tuning helps to erase

Should be required

Review by Tom W on 5/26/2020

Well made DVD and tools are what's required to tune your mags. Easy to understand and with good filming.


Review by JayDogg on 6/25/2019

I’ve never tuned my mags before but this kit and enclosed video made it easy.

Works great

Review by Jimmy Y on 6/14/2018

I tuned up 5 mags and so far 4 of them are working great. The other one gets hung up somewhere in the middle. Not sure if it's the mag tube or something else bit using this kit, i cant seem to solve the issue.

Very good!

Review by Geros on 4/18/2018

Very good tool for shooters.

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