Dawson Guide Rod 1911 5" 1 Piece Aluminum

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Lightest guide rod available for a 1911 pistol and is a great way to reduce weight for steel shooting designed for light loads. Minor power factor aluminum head dampens recoil like aluma buff machined from one solid piece of aircraft grade aluminum. This guide rod is not intended to last as long as a steel guide rod. It should be inspected and replaced when guide rod head shows excessive wear. Hey it doesn't cost much, give it a try! *Spring Plug/Reverse Plug/Recoil Spring is not included. Fits 1911 type, STI 2011, SV, Kimber, Springfield, Colt, Bull and Bushing Barrels, Compensated and Non-Compensated Pistols. Simply use a bent paper clip in the hole to disassemble; Spring Plug must be removable from back of slide to use this guide rod. Requires Spring Plug 026~1067 or Reverse Plug 026~1061 with through hole, sold separately. If your Pistol has a full length guide rod, your Spring Plug or Reverse Plug will work fine with this guide rod.

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