Dawson Guide Rod STI 4.15" Bull Barrel Tool-Less

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Requires a proprietary length recoil spring Medium Part#523-002 for standard loads.

Replacement light, standard, and +P load springs.

Introducing the new Dawson Precision 4.15" Tool-Less Guiderod! A new take on a classic design, it includes a reverse plug and a proprietary medium rate recoil spring (for standard factory loads). Designed to fit STI Tactical 4.0, Ranger II, Ranger III, Tactical SS 4.0, Spartan IV, and Staccato P.

Whether you are on the go or in your home, our tool-less guiderod is easy to use and can be field stripped anywhere, anytime. 

•Never need tools, pins or clips to disassemble 
•Thoroughly tested with thousands of rounds 
•Easy to clean and oil your pistol, making it stay tight longer
•Designed and manufactured in Texas, USA 

Dawson Tool-Less Guiderod fits factory STI 4.15" models, 9mm only. NOT recommended for 40 S&W or 45 ACP. 

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