CMC Match Grade 8rd Stainless w/pad .45 ACP

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MATCH GRADE™ mags are the only full-featured, stock-length, fixed-base magazines available for 1911s. MATCH GRADE™ mags are made to the same exacting tolerances as our high end POWER MAG™ series. That means die-controlled tolerances held to +/- .001 inches (over 75% tighter tolerances than the Military Specifications used by our competitors). This is the 1911 .45 ACP 8rd Government mag with pad.

MATCH GRADE magazines are the original extra capacity 1911 mags dating back to 1986. These mags are flush fitting for best concealability and least hinderance with clothing. 100% designed by CMC and built in the USA, to the same exacting tolerances, with the same heavy duty construction and materials as Power Mags. Just like Power Mags, feed lip geometry and overall design achieves increases in reliability, service life, and function with a broader selection of ammunition. MATCH GRADE mags are available in models that will fit any popular full sized and compact sized 1911's.

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