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Hi-Tek Coated!! 


Caliber:  9mm

Grain:  147

Profile:  FP

Sizing: .356

Shipping Included!

Black Bullets International manufactures coated bullets, applying the J&M Specialty Products P/L HI-TEK Lube coating that encases the complete bullet. 

This makes the bullets clean and accurate. They are also uniform in weight and dimension. 

Coated bullets produce higher velocities while reducing lead fouling and smoke.

HI-Tek Lube coating bullets are safe to shoot indoors and your dies will remain clean during the reloading process. 


We use a certified 92/6/2 lead alloy that produces a BHN of 16-17

Our goal is to offer high performance, accurate bullets at competitive lead bullet prices.

We provide personal service and exceptional quality. Our unparalleled service, competitive prices and overall value are why our loyal customers keep coming back
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Review by Loader1 on 4/21/2020

I don't think I can cast and powder coat bullets for the price and saved me the time too. Excellent looking product.

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