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  • Item #:  MRB4-40
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Checkered. Plastic for light weight.
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Mag Release

Review by WML Safeguard Protection on 4/6/2021

I have used these for several years on my limited and open pistols. They work as advertised and easy to install.

Too costly for plastic.

Review by SillyPurchaser on 1/19/2021

These work fine, but metal of this size adds a negligible amount of weight. These should sell 10 for $1...but there it is.

Very nice product

Review by Reywel Cabansag on 4/10/2020

3 gunner

Review by Mike Dell on 4/23/2018

Nice. Very functional

Arredondo Mag Button

Review by Mark on 6/6/2017

Installed this on an STI DVC without any problems. Functions well, aggressive finish prevents thumb slipping.

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