Arredondo 9mm Spacer & Follower

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  • Arredondo Follower - Teflon
  • Arredondo 9mm Spacer
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Spacer is to provide better funtioning of 9mm ammo in the STI 38 super magazines. Flap on side is to be used with +2 or 3 Base pads such as the Dawson or Grams. The flap will not work with slide on base pads. For 170mm magazines and 140mm with flush or +1 pads remove flap and cut to length if needed. Must be used with a 9mm follower. Pictured with the spacer is the new Arredondo Teflon 9mm follower. Buy as a kit or seperate.

Followers only work with Arredondo Springs

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Review by TomF on 6/11/2020

This conversion has worked reliably in the old STI 38 super magazines. Switching over to 9mm is a piece of cake!

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