Align Tactical OFFSET P320 Extended Magazine Release

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The Align Tactical™ OFFSET Extended Magazine Release provides the HIGHEST possible recoil-taming undercut grip with a uniquely ERGONOMIC flush-bottom patent-pending “stair-step” design, that’s EXTENDED to make it easier to actuate for all hand types.

It allows the operator to rest their distal middle finger flush across the lower half of where the Sig Sauer® P320 (M17/M18)® factory magazine release’s triangular bottom edge would be, eliminating side-finger chafing when choking up high on the pistol grip for increased recoil control. Ergonomically designed with an enhanced and extended engagement surface closer to the thumb, for minimizing/eliminating pistol shifting in-hand when reaching to eject magazines.


Compatible with Sig Sauer® P320/P250® standard, X-Series® (including Legion®), Icarus Precision, Mirzon, Brouwer M1811, and Wilson Combat® WCP320 grip modules in 9/40/357. Compatible with Oracle Arms 2311 series. Asymmetric (specific to either right or left-handed use). Hardened steel part finished in Black Oxide. Made in USA with lifetime warranty.

*Holsters that cover the magazine release may require minor relief for use. Does not include spring or plastic retaining stop.

(not compatible with AXG, XTEN, .45 ACP, or Sub Compact modules with shorter mag catches)

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